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Through The Noise
August 4, 2016

Charlie Meisch of the Federal Communications Commission on Buying and Selling the Airwaves with Incentive Auctions

Through the Noise #198
Charlie Meisch // Senior Advisor // Communications and Public Affairs, Incentive Auction Task Force at Federal Communications Commission

Charlie Meisch FCC Auction Task Force

Charlie Meisch joined the Federal Communications Commission just over a year ago as Senior Advisor to the Incentive …

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Through The Noise
July 14, 2016

Congressman Don Beyer of Virginia on Climate Change, Engagement, and Why Would Anyone Run for Office

Through the Noise #192
Congressman Don Beyer // Congressman // House of Representatives

Congressman Don Beyer

Today we’re excited to welcome Congressman Don Beyer of Virginia’s 8th District to Through the Noise to discuss civil engagement and participation and the best ways to …

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Through The Noise
April 21, 2016

Arlington County Board Member Christian Dorsey on Civic Engagement and Participation

Through the Noise #168

Christian Dorsey // Arlington County Board Member // Arlington Gov

Christian Dorsey Arlington County Boardmember


We keep it local again today with Arlington County, Virginia’s newest County Board Member, Christian Dorsey, who started his term on January 1. Arlington is …

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Through The Noise
April 18, 2016

Justin Wilt of the Arlington Soccer Association on Building Teams and an Organization that Works for All

Through the Noise #167

Justin Wilt // Executive Director // Arlington Soccer Association

justin wilt ttn

After a couple of trips around the world with Global Communities and USAID, we return back to our neighborhood and welcome Justin Wilt, Executive Director of the …

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Through The Noise
March 28, 2016

Nick DeSarno of the Public Affairs Council on the Role of Public Affairs Professionals

Through the Noise #161

Nick DeSarno // Manager, Grassroots & Communications // PUBLIC AFFAIRS COUNCIL

Nick DeSarno joins us today from the Public Affairs Council where he manages the grassroots and communications department. The Public Affairs Council is a nonpartisan …

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Through The Noise
March 14, 2016

Richard G. Thissen & Jessica Klement of NARFE on Protecting the Benefits of the Federal Workforce

Through the Noise #155

Richard G. Thissen & Jessica Klement // President // National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association

Jessica NAFRE

Today we sit down with Richard G. Thissen & Jessica Klement who represent 225,000 members of the National Active and …

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Through The Noise
March 2, 2016

Mary Hynes for Past Board Chair for Arlington County, Virginia on Change and Working Collaboratively for Success

Through the Noise #150

Mary Hynes // County Board Chair at Arlington County // Arlington County Board

Is your website running too slowly? Are you missing upgrades from your CMS? We check in with this common issue during our Problem …

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Through The Noise
February 24, 2016

Gamunu Wijetunge of Wheaton Volunteer Rescue Squad on Volunteering, Community, and Funding Challenges

Through the Noise #147

Gamunu “Gam” Wijetunge // President // Wheaton Volunteer Rescue Squad

Gam Smile

The Wheaton Volunteer Rescue Squad has a special place in host Ernesto’s heart – he volunteered there for six years. Today’s guest is his friend from …

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Through The Noise
January 18, 2016

Kris Amundson of the National Association of State Boards of Education on Working Towards Equity for All Kids

Through the Noise #137

Kris Amundson // Executive Director // National Association of State Boards of Education

Today’s nonprofit problem of the week: Wonky mobile apps that inexplicably changed fonts. Have you had issues with your mobile app behaving erratically? …

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