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Through The Noise
February 13, 2020

TTN #524 Jim Pauley, President & CEO of the National Fire Protection Association

Jim Pauley has served as president and CEO of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) since 2014. Prior to joining NFPA, his career spanned 30 years in the electrical and energy industry; he holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering …

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Through The Noise
February 6, 2020

TTN #523 Rabih Torbay, President & CEO of Project HOPE

Rabih Torbay is president and chief executive officer at Project HOPE, where he leads the organization in advancing its international development strategy and maximizing the impact of its global health teams worldwide. Rabih is an internationally recognized expert in the …

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Through The Noise
November 13, 2019

TTN #506 Kevin Hagan, Chief Executive & Tucker Wannamaker, Chief Strategist of Thrive Impact

Kevin Hagan is CEO of Thrive Impact and former CEO of Feed the Children & the American Diabetes Association.
Tucker Wannamaker is co-founder and chief strategist of Thrive Impact and seasoned fundraising and marketing professional.

Thrive Impact, a nonprofit turnaround …

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Through The Noise
December 12, 2016

Management Consultant Lisa Karlisch of Sparkfire Strategy on Process and Next Steps

Through the Noise #232

Lisa Karlisch // Management Consultant // Spark Strategy

If you’ve recovered from your eating, drinking, and shopping hangovers, join us for a conversation with Lisa Karlisch, a Management Consultant with Sparkfire Strategy. Whether you are with …

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Through The Noise
July 4, 2016

Mariana Barros of the National Association of Federal Veterinarians on Federal Veterinarians and Public Health

Through the Noise #189
Mariana Barros // Administrative & Communications Assistant (Wearer of many hats) // National Association of Federal Veterinarians

Mariana Barros

We bring you another episode of Through the Noise from the headquarters of the American Society of Association Executives …

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Through The Noise
July 6, 2015

Bryan Fratkin of Whistle Stop Digital Discusses Activism in the Digital Age

Through the Noise #85

Bryan Fratkin // President, Founder // Whistle Stop Digital

A well-told story can illuminate even the most complicated subjects and Bryan Fratkin’s new consultancy harnesses the power of individual experiences to create effective campaigns for his …

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