Burt Edwards of InterAction on the Value of Collaboration

Through The Noise
November 30, 2015

Burt Edwards of InterAction on the Value of Collaboration

Through the Noise #127

Burt Edwards // Director, Media Relations & Web Strategy // InterAction


On Through the Noise, we often explore the value of collaboration between individuals and organizations and today we sit down with Burt Edwards whose work with InterAction facilitates collaboration between organizations with similar goals. Operating from the idea that organizations are more successful when working together, InterAction is something of a clearinghouse of information for those working in the fields of international development, sustainability, and humanitarian assistance. We’ll examine the role of the media and journalists and how to respond effectively to catastrophes without simply being reactive.

Burt joined InterAction in July 2014 and brings over 18 years of experience designing successful strategies to help shape public opinion and influence decision makers on key policy issues from climate change to international conflict.

InterAction is an alliance organization in Washington, D.C. of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). Our 180-plus members work around the world. What unites us is a commitment to working with the world’s poor and vulnerable, and a belief that we can make the world a more peaceful, just and prosperous place – together.