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Through The Noise
July 31, 2017

Author and Strategic Management Consultant Chris McGoff on Leadership, Business, Charities & Wisdom

Through the Noise #288

Chris McGoff // Author // The Clearing Inc

Close your email, turn off your phones, and get ready to take some notes. Author Chris McGoff joins us on the show and offers countless invaluable techniques that …

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Through The Noise
December 12, 2016

Management Consultant Lisa Karlisch of Sparkfire Strategy on Process and Next Steps

Through the Noise #232

Lisa Karlisch // Management Consultant // Spark Strategy

If you’ve recovered from your eating, drinking, and shopping hangovers, join us for a conversation with Lisa Karlisch, a Management Consultant with Sparkfire Strategy. Whether you are with …

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Through The Noise
August 22, 2016

Jennifer Ayers on Management, Consulting, & Managing a Board of Directors

Through the Noise #203
Jennifer Ayers // Owners // JL Ayers Consulting

Jennifer Ayers

Jennifer Ayers runs J. L. Ayers Consulting, a management consulting firm that works exclusively with nonprofits to help them become more effective and efficient. We spend much of …

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