Jennifer Ayers on Management, Consulting, & Managing a Board of Directors

Through The Noise
August 22, 2016

Jennifer Ayers on Management, Consulting, & Managing a Board of Directors

Through the Noise #203
Jennifer Ayers // Owners // JL Ayers Consulting

Jennifer Ayers

Jennifer Ayers runs J. L. Ayers Consulting, a management consulting firm that works exclusively with nonprofits to help them become more effective and efficient. We spend much of the episode talking about the Board of Directors — how to pick them, how to train them, how much to involve them, how to keep them fundraising. Ms. Ayers is a proponent of the “State of the Union” address to hold annually for the board to make sure they are aware of the work of the association — especially for the boards of larger, national nonprofits where the board may not know each other.

JL Ayers Consulting is an independent management consulting practice designed to help organizations determine how to understand where they are, where they want to go and how to get there. With good assessment, solid business practices and high quality back-office infrastructure, organizations may become more innovative, creative and prepared to realize goals.

Jennifer Ayers started her consulting practice after 15 years in the nonprofit industry. She now has nearly 20 years of experience working and serving nonprofits at an Executive level. She has worked for traditional 501c3, professional societies and others. Her clients and projects are normally experiencing some sort of change- they range from professional and trade groups to start up 501c3 to political organizations. Jennifer also serves as the secretary of the Board of Directors of PRS, Inc., and is the President of Living Legends of Alexandria.