Elissa Myers of Drohan Management Group on Making Money for Your Mission

Through The Noise
March 23, 2017

Elissa Myers of Drohan Management Group on Making Money for Your Mission

Through the Noise #255

Elissa Myers // Director of Revenue Generation, CAE // Drohan Management Group

Elissa Myers takes a break from solving the problems of many nonprofits in order to join us today on Through the Noise to talk about revenue generation — something we all need to hear. Though her email signature identifies her as a “Marketing Wizard,” her official title is “Director of Revenue Generation” with the Drohan Management Group. We’ll address the prevalent — and damaging — misconception among nonprofits that making money is not important. It’s simply impossible for anyone to make any progress towards achieving their mission if they don’t have the financial resources to hire staff, attract and retain members, supporters, and sponsors. Ms. Myers works with a number of different organizations through her work with the association management firm Drohan Management Group and she draws on a number of these to illustrate her points and provide useful examples. Get some useful tips from this episode and convert them into cash for your programs!

Elissa Myers is a 40+ year veteran of association management, having served as a senior executive with the American Society of Association Executives, CEO of the Electronic Retailing Association, and now CEO of the Academy for Eating Disorders, as a part of the Drohan Management Group. She has helped dozens of associations put in place strategic marketing and governance plans. The Academy for Eating Disorders is an international professional society comprised of physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, and researchers who specialize is finding and delivering a cure for eating disorders.