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Getting Social
May 30, 2017

#18 Social Media Content That Converts

Getting Social #18

Layla Masri // President // Bean Creative

What’s worse than spending hours on a social media campaign just to watch it fall flat and do nothing for your marketing campaign goals? STOP creating weak content and START …

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Getting Social
May 23, 2017

#17 Power Content for Social Media

Getting Social #17

Scott Oser // CEO // Scott Oser Associates

What are some of the elements of power content on social media? Just because you have a lot of content, doesn’t mean you’re set for social media. We explore!…

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Getting Social
April 18, 2017

#12 Online Communities and Social Media

Getting Social #12

Lauren Wolfe // Branding, Marketing & Communications Executive // Results Direct

In this episode, Blake and KiKi ask guest Lauren Wolfe hard-hitting questions about how to keep online communities engaged, the “Super Bowl of Online Community Managers,” …

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Through The Noise
April 1, 2015

What do those buildings mean?

Through the Noise #70

Pushing the Needle #2

Erica Kritt // Social Media Assistant // Cultural Tourism DC

Mickey Panyiotakis // Managing Partner // Infamia

Pushing the Needle is a new segment where we pair up a nonprofit professional with …

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