What do those buildings mean?

Through The Noise
April 1, 2015

What do those buildings mean?

Through the Noise #70

Pushing the Needle #2

Erica Kritt // Social Media Assistant // Cultural Tourism DC

Mickey Panyiotakis // Managing Partner // Infamia

Pushing the Needle is a new segment where we pair up a nonprofit professional with a vendor or consultant and see what happens!

Do you know how much is actually going on in your city? Most people walk past some of the most historic and culturally signficant buildings in their city without ever really knowing it.

“Erica Kritt is the Social Media Assistant for Cultural Tourism DC, and considers herself a specialist at content development. She started her career as a reporter for The Carroll County Times in Westminster, Maryland. After attending graduate school at Boston University she took the leap from traditional print media to the digital world writing blogs, creating social media posts and designing graphics among many other things for a travel agency and now uses these skills at Cultural Tourism DC.

Cultural Tourism DC is a nonprofit dedicated to educating and enlightening people about the heritage and history of Washington DC. To do this the organization runs 15 self-guided heritage trails and puts on Passport DC  in the spring and WalkingtownDC event in
the fall.”

Mickey Panayiotakis is the managing partner and technical director for Infamia with 17 years of experience in the Internet backbone industry. He has worked for a variety of nonprofit and private sector organizations since 1995, with a commitment to process-driven management. He is an experienced leader of development and design teams with a unique capacity to translate client requirements into technical documentation and provide integral insights to clients throughout a project lifecycle.

Infamia is a sponsor of Through the Noise and they provide website management strategy for associations and institutes, to ensure their projects get noticed.

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