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Through The Noise
July 11, 2016

Jimena Ryan of Raffa, PC on B Corps, Socially Responsible Investing, and Career Transitions

Through the Noise #191
Jimena Ryan // Chief Marketing & Community Relations Officer // Raffa

Jimena Ryan RAFFA

Jimena Ryan is the Chief Marketing Officer with Raffa PC, an accounting and technology consulting firm focused on empowering nonprofits and other companies working to …

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Through The Noise
July 7, 2016

Michael Cummings of Tate Cummings on Associations, Branding, Work-Life Balance, and Millennials

Through the Noise #190
Michael Cummings // Principal // Tate Cummings

Michael Cummings

Michael Cummings of Tate Cummings is our next guest we meet during our time at the ASAE headquarters in Washington, DC. Tate Cummings is an association consulting company serving …

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Through The Noise
June 23, 2016

Mickey Panayiotakis of Infamia on Websites for Nonprofits, the Causes of Hacking, and Understanding SEO

Through the Noise #186
Mickey Panayiotakis // Managing Partner // Infamia

Blake and Mickey

Mickey Panayiotakis, the managing partner of Infamia joins us in the studio to discuss some of the most common tech problems facing nonprofits today. Infamia is the web services …

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Through The Noise
June 6, 2016

Stephanie Ceruolo of Infogroup on the Donor Cooperative Database and Direct Mail

Through the Noise #181
Stephanie Ceruolo // Vice President and General Manager // Infogroup Nonprofit Solutions
Today’s guest, Stephanie Ceruolo is Vice President and General Manager of Major Markets Account Development for Infogroup, a company that gets your message in …

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Through The Noise
May 12, 2016

Cathy Galbraith and Nicolie Lettini of CostTree on How to Get Out of the Nonprofit Starvation Cycle

Through the Noise #174

Nicolie Lettini and Cathy Galbraith // CEO & Founder // CostTree


A lot of people get into nonprofits because they are passionate about the mission or cause of an organization, not necessarily because they are stellar …

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Through The Noise
May 9, 2016

Brad Halsey of Building Momentum & Tech Garden on Making Makers and Practical STEM Education

Through the Noise #173
Brad Halsey // CEO & Founder // Building Momentum

Brad Hasley
Brad Halsey is CEO and Founder of Building Momentum, a firm based in Alexandria, VA that specializes in intensive technological training with practical applications. Working in the …

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