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Through The Noise
June 6, 2016

Stephanie Ceruolo of Infogroup on the Donor Cooperative Database and Direct Mail

Through the Noise #181
Stephanie Ceruolo // Vice President and General Manager // Infogroup Nonprofit Solutions
Today’s guest, Stephanie Ceruolo is Vice President and General Manager of Major Markets Account Development for Infogroup, a company that gets your message in …

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Through The Noise
May 12, 2016

Cathy Galbraith and Nicolie Lettini of CostTree on How to Get Out of the Nonprofit Starvation Cycle

Through the Noise #174

Nicolie Lettini and Cathy Galbraith // CEO & Founder // CostTree


A lot of people get into nonprofits because they are passionate about the mission or cause of an organization, not necessarily because they are stellar …

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Through The Noise
May 9, 2016

Brad Halsey of Building Momentum & Tech Garden on Making Makers and Practical STEM Education

Through the Noise #173
Brad Halsey // CEO & Founder // Building Momentum

Brad Hasley
Brad Halsey is CEO and Founder of Building Momentum, a firm based in Alexandria, VA that specializes in intensive technological training with practical applications. Working in the …

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Through The Noise
April 4, 2016

Robert Shea of Grant Thornton and John Porter of ACT for Alexandria on Building Relationships and Community

Through the Noise #163

Robert Shea // Principal // Grant Thornton

John Porter // Executive Director // Act for Alexandria

John retired from the Alexandria City Public Schools in 2009 after a distinguished career with the Alexandria City Public Schools, …

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