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Through The Noise
April 22, 2021

#576 Bioplastics vs Plastics: Andy Sweetman (Futamura) on the Right Balance

Andy Sweetman // Sales & Marketing Director, EMEA // Futamura

Andy Sweetman is the Sales & Marketing Director at Futamura EMEA, he is also Chairman of the UK based BBIA (Biobased and Biodegradable Industries Association).

Futamura is a world leading …

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Through The Noise
February 10, 2021

#570 Why We Need Bioplastics in Retail Packaging, with Caroli Buitenhuis of Green Serendipity

Caroli Buitenhuis // Founder // Green Serendipity

Caroli Buitenhuis is a bioplastics and packaging expert and founder of Green Serendipity. She has an award winning track record in the fields of bioplastics, circular packaging and the development of innovative circular …

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Through The Noise
November 18, 2020

TTN #566 Biomaterials & Sustainability Innovation by Hexas Biomass – with Wendy Owens

Wendy Owens // Founder & CEO // Hexas Biomass & Biomass 1

Wendy Owens is the founder and CEO of Hexas Biomass Inc. and combines her background in materials engineering and biotech to lead Hexas to help the world achieve …

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