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Through The Noise
May 19, 2022

#599 Inside Carbon Caption Technology – with Stefan Koester

Stefan Koester // Senior Policy Analyst // ITIF- Information Technology and Innovation Foundation

Stefan Koester is a senior policy analyst with the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation where he focuses on clean energy innovation and climate change policy. He has …

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Through The Noise
December 15, 2021

#587 The New Sustainable Concrete – with Chris Stern

Chris Stern // CEO & Co-Founder // CarbiCrete

Chris Stern is a cleantech entrepreneur and consultant. He is co-founder and CEO of CarbiCrete.

CarbiCrete is a carbon removal technology company whose patented process enables the production of cement-free, carbon-negative concrete.…

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Through The Noise
December 1, 2021

#586 Implementing a Circular Economy in Our Residential Buildings – With Tara Gupta, Founder of Anamakos & Map-Collective

Tara Gupta // Founder & CEO // Anamakos & Map-Collective

Tara Gupta is an artist and entrepreneur focused on creating systems-oriented solutions, and the founder of Map-Collective and Anamakos.

Anamakos is a regenerative real estate development company, focused on implementing …

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Through The Noise
April 7, 2021

#574 The Carbon Negative Path of Interface – With Lisa Conway

Lisa Conway // VP of Sustainability, Americas // Interface

Lisa Conway serves as VP of Sustainability at Interface – the global flooring manufacturer that is leading industry to love the world – and is passionate about bringing awareness to the …

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