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Through The Noise
January 11, 2019

#411 David S. Martin, CEO, Managing Partner & Founder of Sterling Martin Associates

For nearly 30 years, David has led complex executive search projects throughout the United States. David and his staff focus on conducting searches for associations and nonprofit organizations as he became personally interested in this area as a volunteer board …

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Through The Noise
January 7, 2019

#409 Peggy Hoffman, President & Executive Director of Mariner Management & Marketing LLC

Peggy Hoffman is president of Mariner Management where she serves as executive director for PRSA Maryland in addition to working with national and global associations on volunteer leadership development, membership engagement and governance. She also teaches an aqua cycling class …

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Through The Noise
November 30, 2018

#397 Sarah Zolad, Founder of Mission|Outcome

Sarah Zolad is the founder of Mission|Outcome. She has over 25 years of experience founding, managing and working with nonprofits, having worked with one-person startups to international organizations. She enjoys solving problems and finding ways to make your organization work …

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Through The Noise
October 15, 2018

#377 David Lusk, Founder & CEO, Key Advocacy

David Lusk from Key Advocacy on Through the NoiseDavid Lusk, Founder of Key Advocacy, has earned a national reputation developing nationwide, affiliated grassroots efforts and key contact engagement programs for associations, nonprofits, and corporations. Since 2010, David has trained more than 7,000 advocates how to influence policymakers through …

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Through The Noise
August 15, 2016

The Revenue Architect, Dave Wakeman is Back: Learn to Make More Money and Become More Effective

Through the Noise #201
Dave Wakeman // Principal // Wakeman Consulting Group

Dave wakeman

Regular listeners of Through the Noise may remember today’s guest, Dave Wakeman who joined us about 50 episodes ago to discuss why nonprofits should run like a business. …

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Through The Noise
July 18, 2016

Rebecca Ballard of Maven Women on the “True Cost” of Clothing and What IS a Social Entrepreneur?

Through the Noise #193
Rebecca Ballard // Founder & CEO // Maven Women

Rebecca Ballard

Rebecca Ballard is the Founder and CEO of Maven Women, a socially conscious clothing company that creates professional clothing for women that considers the social and environmental …

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Through The Noise
July 11, 2016

Jimena Ryan of Raffa, PC on B Corps, Socially Responsible Investing, and Career Transitions

Through the Noise #191
Jimena Ryan // Chief Marketing & Community Relations Officer // Raffa

Jimena Ryan RAFFA

Jimena Ryan is the Chief Marketing Officer with Raffa PC, an accounting and technology consulting firm focused on empowering nonprofits and other companies working to …

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Through The Noise
July 7, 2016

Michael Cummings of Tate Cummings on Associations, Branding, Work-Life Balance, and Millennials

Through the Noise #190
Michael Cummings // Principal // Tate Cummings

Michael Cummings

Michael Cummings of Tate Cummings is our next guest we meet during our time at the ASAE headquarters in Washington, DC. Tate Cummings is an association consulting company serving …

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Through The Noise
June 23, 2016

Mickey Panayiotakis of Infamia on Websites for Nonprofits, the Causes of Hacking, and Understanding SEO

Through the Noise #186
Mickey Panayiotakis // Managing Partner // Infamia

Blake and Mickey

Mickey Panayiotakis, the managing partner of Infamia joins us in the studio to discuss some of the most common tech problems facing nonprofits today. Infamia is the web services …

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