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Through The Noise
March 22, 2020

TTN #534 Why is the Water Environment Federation changing their AMS and how? With Walt Marlowe.

Walt Marlowe // Executive Director // Water Environmental Federation

Walt Marlowe is the Executive Director of the Water Environment Federation. Before joining WEF, he was the Executive Director of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists and was previously the Executive …

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Through The Noise
February 26, 2016

Melissa Meeker of WateReuse on Conserving, Reusing, and Making Smarter Choices with Our Water

Through the Noise #148

Melissa Meeker // Executive Director // WaterReuse Association

“You could be drinking dinosaur pee,” Melissa Meeker points out at the start of today’s episode. Executive Director of both the WateReuse Association and WateReuse Research Foundation, Melissa …

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