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Through The Noise
December 3, 2019

TTN #511 Kirsten Gagnaire, Founder & CEO of Kati Collective

Kirsten Gagnaire, CEO of Kati Collective, is a high-impact social innovator with more than 20 years of experience in global concept-to-execution program leadership. Employing a gender equity lens, she creates digital health strategies and tools to transform health systems and …

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Through The Noise
January 22, 2018

#323 Digital Marketing Strategy and Presentation with Jonathan Rick

Through the Noise #323

Jonathan Rick // The Jonathan Rick Group

Jonathan Rick // The Jonathan Rick Group

Do you know which fonts you should never use when making a professional presentation? Find out during our conversation with writer and educator Jonathan Rick. He joins us on …

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Through The Noise
August 31, 2017

How to Talk So Your People Will Listen with Henri Makembe of the Beekeeper Group

Through the Noise #296

Henri Makembe // Partner // BeeKeeper Group

While Blake parties, er, works in Vegas, Through the Noise is hosted by Ernesto and his partner at Infamia, Mickey Panayiotakis, and today they’re joined by Henri Makembe of …

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Through The Noise
August 15, 2016

The Revenue Architect, Dave Wakeman is Back: Learn to Make More Money and Become More Effective

Through the Noise #201
Dave Wakeman // Principal // Wakeman Consulting Group

Dave wakeman

Regular listeners of Through the Noise may remember today’s guest, Dave Wakeman who joined us about 50 episodes ago to discuss why nonprofits should run like a business. …

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