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Through The Noise
October 26, 2017

#307 Mindy Saffer of Cresa on Open Space Offices and Nonprofit Offices

Through the Noise #307

Mindy Saffer // Managing Principal // Cresa

Mindy Saffer // Managing Principal // Cresa

Mindy Saffer — rhymes with laugher — is a Managing Principal at Cresa, the only company that solely represents the tenants/users of office spaces. Her specialty is working with …

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Getting Social
January 31, 2017

#1 Generation X Sucks at Social? What?

Getting Social #1

Lauren LeMunyan // Executive Coach // Lauren LeMunyan Coaching

Do social media strategies really need to change based on the generations you’re talking to? For example, do you think communication should change, in general, based on the …

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