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Through The Noise
November 7, 2016

“Organizational therapist” Melissa Panagides of BDO Talks Mergers & Acquisitions for Nonprofits

Through the Noise #225

Melissa Panagides // Senior Manager, Management Advisory Services // BDO USA


Please welcome today’s guest Melissa Panagides of BDO USA who was recommended by friend-of-the-show Joan Parker of Counterpart International. Melissa Panagides has been called an …

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Through The Noise
August 27, 2015

Lynn Labiniec of Beaconfire RedEngine on the Benefits of Mergers and Effective Communication

Through the Noise #96

Lynn Labieniec // CEO and Co-Founder // Beaconfire RedEngine

For decades, nonprofits had a finite number way to communicate with their supporters but direct mail and other slower, paper-based methods of interaction are slowly fading with …

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