Thomas Raffa on Social Responsibility and Growth

Through The Noise
April 28, 2016

Thomas Raffa on Social Responsibility and Growth

Through the Noise #170
Thomas Raffa // President & CEO // Raffa

Thomas Raffa

We’re excited to welcome Thomas Raffa, founder of Raffa, PC, an accounting firm servicing nonprofit, governmental, and other clients while maintaining a firm commitment to making a positive difference in the world. Prior to forming Raffa, PC, Mr. Raffa had a career at one of the “Big Four” accounting firms but became dissatisfied with the pursuit of profit above all else. With a desire to use his skills for the greater good, he founded Raffa PC in 1984 with a model that today fits under the banner of “B Corporation” with a focus on social responsibility. The firm donates 10% of revenue to charitable causes and continues to grow. Find out how they are working to change the face of business to encourage social engagement and community involvement. Could their model could help you attract and retain employees and grow your business or organization?

Tom founded Raffa, P.C. over a quarter century ago to service the needs of the nonprofit community. As an owner-partner, Tom turned his vision into reality by building a company designed to improve the business of nonprofits and to focus on its corporate and civic responsibility. Today, the foundation that Tom began laying in 1984 is solid and the business which grew from two to 250 employees has never lost sight of its overarching goal – to strengthen the social fiber of its community.

With nearly 250 on-staff professionals and 17 partners, Raffa is now recognized as one of the 100 largest and best-managed accounting firms in the U.S. They are among the first Washington DC area businesses to earn B Corporation Certification. Serving as advisors and back office solution providers to nonprofit organizations and businesses, Raffa’s client-centric, customized approach helps each client meet its potential and ensures that each client’s success is sustained and maintained.