Nonprofit Executive Search with Pamela Kaul of Association Strategies, Inc

Through The Noise
March 6, 2017

Nonprofit Executive Search with Pamela Kaul of Association Strategies, Inc

Through the Noise #250

Pamela Kaul // President // Association Strategies, Inc.

Nonprofit boards and staff are often too busy and, let’s face it — unprepared — for the task of finding a new executive to head the organization and so they turn to professionals for help and we’ve brought one on the show for you today. Pamela Kaul is the President of Association Strategies, Inc. and her company manages the executive search from top to bottom to ensure that the org has access to the very best candidates. She mentions that they don’t help people find jobs as much as they help organizations find people. Though most people can talk effectively about their organization or company, many have trouble talking about themselves — even though this is a skill that is crucial to advancing to and maintaining executive level status and perfecting your three minute elevator speech is Ms. Kaul’s advice. To find out about executive presence and other elements of the search, don’t miss this episode. And if you’re free after that, why not give us a review on itunes?

Pamela offers three decades of experience in executive search, transition management and organization development. As the Founder and President of Association Strategies, Inc., she pioneered ASI’s unique systems-based approach to executive search and since founding the company in 1986, has successfully applied it to deliver superior talent to many hundreds of leading associations, foundations, NGO’s and philanthropic organizations. Association Strategies, Inc., is a premier executive search and transition firm serving the unique needs of associations and nonprofit organizations. With offices in Alexandria, VA and CO, ASI has a talented team of 9, who provide expertise in executive search and transition management, succession planning, Board search, leadership development and CEO research.