Social Media Will Evolve

Through The Noise
February 12, 2014

Social Media Will Evolve

Through the Noise #19

Jennifer Mitchell Doncev // Director of Social Media // BRG Communications

Jennifer Mitchell Doncev talked to us about how she got into doing social media for large organizations. Her first lesson, being the first disruptor is not an easy path, but being persistent and paying attention to how online media is changing the world is a good start. Develop a business strategy that encompasses social media, that’s your next step.

Jennifer Mitchell Doncev is an old-school PR pro who recognized social media as a communications essential in 2007. Over the last six years, she’s helped brands find their online voice, share their messages with the right people, listen to (and communicate with) their customers and potential customers, and generate revenue from their social media efforts.

BRG Communications is a nationally recognized public relations agency known for award-winning campaigns that reach key influencers, creatively deliver powerful messages, and ultimately ignite behavioral change.