Cruises, Carol Burnett, and China Beach

Through The Noise
February 5, 2014

Cruises, Carol Burnett, and China Beach

Through the Noise #18

Melissa Robison // Digital Director // Time Life

Melissa Robison gives us insights to what it takes to work for Time Life as a digital director. From A/B testing product offers, to being ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, to managing brands within brands, Melissa shares how teams prioritize planning for success.

Melissa has 15 years of experience building and managing cross-functional teams in fast-paced agency and client-side environments to strategize, plan, and create large and small scale digital solutions that maximize ROI for high profile brands.

Direct Holdings Global has a long history of successfully marketing unique, niche products like Time Life, StarVista Entertainment, KitchenTek, and many others.

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