Todd Peterson of 501cTech on Why Security Matters for Nonprofits

Through The Noise
November 11, 2015

Todd Peterson of 501cTech on Why Security Matters for Nonprofits

Through the Noise #121

Todd Peterson // Vice President of Client Relations // 501cTech

Todd Peterson of 501cTech

The folks at 501cTech describes themselves as “the people who help the people who help the people,” and today we sit down with Todd Peterson who runs their Client Services division. Are you storing sensitive data on an Excel spreadsheet or flash drive? It’s time to modernize. No matter how many staff an organization has, it will require IT services and 501cTech provides a full-range of services to nonprofits. While providing help-desk and other services to over 70 clients across the DC region, one question comes up again and again. Can you guess the most pressing question? To find the answer and how you could improve the performance of your own organization, don’t miss today’s episode.

As 501cTECH’s VP, Client Relations, Todd oversees account management and new client acquisition. Previously, he managed 501cTECH’s service desk, network administration procedure and staff—doing everything from developing high-level IT strategy for clients, to managing 501cTECH technical personnel and client projects.

501cTECH, formerly known as NPower Greater DC and previously Technology Works for Good, was created in 1999 by our region’s philanthropic and business leaders to serve as a trusted source for the nonprofit community in the critical area of information technology.