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Through The Noise
April 2, 2020

TTN #536 How does the Catholic Climate Covenant undertake sustainability projects? With Dan Misleh

Dan Misleh // Founder & Executive Director // Catholic Climate Covenant

Dan Misleh has been engaged in the social mission of the Catholic Church since 1982 when he joined the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. In 2006, he founded Catholic Climate Covenant …

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Through The Noise
May 30, 2016

Lynn Thomas and Jasmine Witcher of Community Lodgings on Transitioning to Affordable Housing in Alexandria, VA

Through the Noise #179

Lynn Thomas // Executive Director // Community Lodgings

Jasmine Witcher // Director of Development // Community Lodgings

Lynn Thomas, Executive Director of Community Lodgings and Jasmine Witcher, Director of Development join us today to talk about …

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Through The Noise
October 15, 2015

Meredith Jacobs of Jewish Women International on Improving the Lives of All Women

Through the Noise #112

Meredith Jacobs // VP Marketing and Communications // Jewish Women International

Meredith Jacobs works to improve the lives of all women and girls. First as a blogger, then columnist, radio host, author, and now as the …

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