Kristy Kaufman of Code of Support on Getting the Right Information to the Right People

Through The Noise
December 2, 2015

Kristy Kaufman of Code of Support on Getting the Right Information to the Right People

Through the Noise #129

Kristy Kaufman // Executive Director // Code of Support


Kristy Kaufman of Code of Support

Providing a life-saving and life-changing service is something many organizations strive to do – but once you’ve hit gold and have found a solution, the challenge becomes how to let potential clients know it exists. This is a good problem to have and one currently facing Code of Support, a four-year old organization based in Washington, DC. Code of Support is something of a “matchmaking organziation” which works to connect vets with essential services. Today we speak with Kristy Kaufman, Code of Support’s Executive Director about the “Code” and learn ways to support the men and women who make up the Armed Services. This young nonprofit is making a big splash – don’t miss this episode to find out their secret to success.

Kristy has served as an advocate for military and veteran families for over 12 years and is a subject matter expert regarding the mental health impacts of war on military families. Her publications and media appearances include the Washington Post, New York Times, NPR, CNN, NBC and ABC. Kristy has been a speaker and panelist at numerous conferences across the country, and has addressed congress about the gaps in military mental health challenges facing military and veteran family members.

The Code of Support Foundation (COSF) provides essential and critical one-on-one assistance to those struggling service members, veterans and their families (SMVF) who have the most complex needs. We are dedicated to leveraging the nation’s full spectrum of resources to ensure all members of our military, veterans and their families receive the support services they need and, through their collective sacrifice, have earned.