Mickey Panayiotakis


Meet Mickey Panayiotakis

Tech in Ten Host


Mickey Panayiotakis is the managing partner and technical director for Infamia with 17 years of experience in the Internet backbone industry. He has worked for a variety of nonprofit and private sector organizations since 1995, with a commitment to process-driven management. He is an experienced leader of development and design teams with a unique capacity to translate client requirements into technical documentation and provide integral insights to clients throughout a project lifecycle.

Fun Facts About Mickey

Countries Traveled:
Greece, US, Japan, Canada, Costa Rica, Belize, … I Think that's it?
Most Proud Of:
Egad. I'm not very proud. Vain, maybe, but not proud. I don't really think in "proud/not-proud."
Favorite Accessory:
Winter: outdoor tech wireless helmet audio. Snow+Audio=fun++ Summer: NOAA raster and ENC charts, MacENC chartplotter, MX Mariner.
Best Childhood Memory:
Waiting for the bus with my grandmother.
Can't Resist:
Superconductors, but who can?
How to get him/her on a date:
Add snow. If summer, add water.
The Most Unusual Thing In Your Office:
Probably a sextant.
What Most People Don't Know About Me:
I once sold home-made donuts at a Grateful Dead concert. Or maybe it was store-bought cherries.


Technology does cut two ways: it facilitates a weird and sometimes useful intimacy, sure, but it also teaches us to conflate a curated identity with a real one, and, moreover, to work on perfecting our systems of curating rather than our actual selves.