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Getting Social
May 23, 2017

#17 Power Content for Social Media

Getting Social #17

Scott Oser // CEO // Scott Oser Associates

What are some of the elements of power content on social media? Just because you have a lot of content, doesn’t mean you’re set for social media. We explore!…

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Getting Social
May 2, 2017

#14 Visual Storytelling for Online Communities

Getting Social #14

Lauren Wolfe // Branding, Marketing & Communications Expert // Results Direct

KiKi and Blake learn about guest Lauren Wolfe’s favorite GIFs, the 6 keys to better visual storytelling, and so much more. If you hate clip art …

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Getting Social
April 25, 2017

#13 Empowering Your Industry Influencers in Advocacy

Getting Social #13

Rachna Choudhry // Co-founder and CMO // PopVox

We talk about how people can use social media to create influence in politics and advocacy. We urge you to listen to this episode, passionately, and share with your …

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Getting Social
March 21, 2017

#8 How to Talk to Your Board About Technology and Social Media

Getting Social #8

Moira Hoban Edwards // CEO // Ellipsis Partners LLC

Associations make some classic mistakes when talking to their boards about tech. We find out what they are with our special guest and the gift of curiosity!…

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