Tim Spell of Open Water on Managing Awards Online

Through The Noise
August 5, 2014

Tim Spell of Open Water on Managing Awards Online

Through the Noise #40

Tim Spell – CEO // Tim Herchenroeder – Director of Business Development // Open Water

Getting an award is great recognition for hard work, but how often do we think about how contests are managed? Here’s a hint, if you have more than fifty submissions on a spreadsheet, there’s a better way. We brought in Tim Spell and Tim Herchenroeder of OpenWater to talk about online awards management.

Timothy Spell, CEO of OpenWater, possesses an innate ability to translate and break down complex technical information to non-technical people. While focused on the marketing and sales side of the business, Tim is also an avid rower and competes across the country with Potomac Boat Club.

Tim Herchenroeder, Director of Business Development. Colleagues call him as “Tim H” to avoid confusion with Tim Spell, one of the Co-Founders. Tim H’s approach to business development is simple: Nurturing interactions with prospects. The philosophy is, “We’ll either find value in working together or we’ll decide to ‘call it quits’.”

OpenWater is a software platform that automates awards, abstracts, conferences, events and more.

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