Small to Mid-size Communications

Through The Noise
May 14, 2014

Small to Mid-size Communications

Through the Noise #32

Sacha Cohen // President // Grassfed Media

Sacha Cohen guides us into the world of communications for small to mid-sized businesses. Her process begins by defining her clients’ key communication challenges and goals for the year, and then looking to meet their goals through a multi-pronged approach. Yes, it includes social media.

Cohen is the founder and President of Grassfed Media, she began her career as a business and lifestyle writer, and transitioned to the online world during the first dotcom boom. She was an early adopter of social media and continues to stay at the forefront of technology, innovation, and communication.

Grassfed Media is a boutique communications firm that works with socially responsible companies on PR, marketing, and social media strategy.

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