#301 Journalist and Writer Simon Owens on Connecting With Your Audience

Through The Noise
October 2, 2017

#301 Journalist and Writer Simon Owens on Connecting With Your Audience

Through the Noise #301

Simon Owens // Independent Journalist

Simon Owens is a returning guest to Through the Noise, having been one of our earliest guests on the show. He’s a journalist employed by many who has departed from his freelance marketing career in favor of pursuing the leads and stories that call to him. Writing about tech, media, and marketing, his niche is broad enough to appeal to and provide important content for a huge range of people. Join us for a conversation about transitions in tech, getting and retaining subscribers, and the value of connecting with people through the intimate medium of podcasts. If you’re a listener of Through the Noise, we’d definitely appreciate if you took a few minutes to let us know with a review on iTunes or your favorite podcast listening service. Have ideas to help us improve? We’re into constructive criticism too.

Simon Owens is a longtime journalist, marketer, and PR professional. He began his career as a newspaper reporter covering local government in Virginia. In 2008, he moved to Washington, DC to work at a marketing agency while simultaneously serving as an associate editor at PBS’ MediaShift. He has conducted PR, content marketing, and social media strategy for dozens of companies, organizations, and individuals, including Google, Comcast, Forbes, ESPN, C-SPAN, and Nike. For two years he was an assistant managing editor at US News & World Report where he built out the company’s then-nascent social media presence. His writing has appeared in The Atlantic, New York Magazine, Scientific American, Forbes, Harvard’s Nieman Lab, The Next Web, Daily Dot, PBS.org, and US News & World Report.