#299 Stephanie Ceruolo, Senior Vice President of Infogroup

Through The Noise
September 18, 2017

#299 Stephanie Ceruolo, Senior Vice President of Infogroup

Through the Noise #299

Stephanie Ceruolo // Senior Vice President and General Manager, Infogroup Nonprofit Solutions // Infogroup

Nonprofit organizations are constantly struggling to be heard “through the noise” so we’ve asked Stephanie Ceruolo, Senior Vice President of Infogroup to join us on the show to talk communications and fundraising. With so many ways to reach potential supporters, it can be difficult to tell which method will be most effective — and to compete with all the other organizations (and distractions) vying for their attention. Infogroup works to help organizations “fish where the fish are” and help connect nonprofits with people that are not just able to give, but likely to give, and also give at a higher level. They help their clients get the right story to the right people and who doesn’t want that? Check in with us today to learn more about connecting with donors who are ready to support your mission — as long as you’re ready to ask.

Infogroup is a big data, analytics and marketing services provider that delivers best in class data-driven customer-centric technology solutions. Their data and software-as-a-service (DaaS & SaaS) offerings help clients of all sizes, from small companies to FORTUNE 100TMĀ enterprises, increase their sales and customer loyalty. Infogroup provides both digital and traditional marketing channel expertise that is enhanced by access to our proprietary data on 245MM individuals and 25MM businesses, which is distributed real-time to our clients.