Tech in Ten Takes Over Through the Noise for Twenty

Through The Noise
August 28, 2017

Tech in Ten Takes Over Through the Noise for Twenty

TTN #295

Mickey Panayiotakis // Managing Partner // Infamia

Today’s Through the Noise is a quickie takeover by our sister podcast, Tech in Ten. Mickey Panayiotakis, Ernesto’s partner at Infamia joins us on the show today for an informal conversation about their new podcast Tech in Ten where they quickly tackle all things related to association tech needs. You can find this succinct weekly podcast on the Through the Noise website and we hope you’ll check it out, tune in, and spread the word. Speaking of which… if you’ve enjoyed any of the nearly 300 episodes of Through the Noise, we’d love it if you left us a review on iTunes so we can help spread the word.

Mickey Panayiotakis is the managing partner and technical director for Infamia with 17 years of experience in the Internet backbone industry. He has worked for a variety of non-profit and private sector organizations since 1995, with a commitment to process-driven management. He is an experienced leader of development and design teams with a unique capacity to translate client requirements into technical documentation and provide integral insights to clients throughout a project lifecycle. Infamia manages websites and databases for nonprofits.