Richard Tracy and Amanda Brondy of the Global Cold Chain Alliance

Through The Noise
August 7, 2017

Richard Tracy and Amanda Brondy of the Global Cold Chain Alliance

Through the Noise #289

Richard Tracy // VP of International Programs // Global Cold Chain Alliance
Amanda Brondy // Director of International Projects // Global Cold Chain Alliance

Richard Tracy and Amanda Brondy of the Global Cold Chain Alliance join us to talk food (and flower) cooling and preservation. They are part of the “industry that is feeding the world” and the Alliance is comprised of four different associations involved in refrigeration, shipping, and transport of the food that makes it to your plate and the cut flowers that make life a little more beautiful. You could probably guess that the United States consumes a lot of frozen food — but you won’t believe the shocking number in comparison to the rest of the world. Well… maybe you would. The Global Cold Chain Alliance works around the world and enables farmers to get their food to market even if they’re not so close. Enjoy those strawberries in January? You can thank the members of the Alliance for making sure the food you want is right at your fingertips. The discussion of “appropriate” technology that is used in different parts of the world is fascinating.

Richard Tracy is an agribusiness professional, as well as an international development specialist, with over 20 years of domestic and international experience in managing enterprise development and economic strengthening initiatives for emerging and frontier markets. Mr. Tracy currently serves as the Vice President for International Programs at the Global Cold Chain Alliance, an umbrella association based in Alexandria, Virginia that represents companies that store, transport and distribute perishable products.

Amanda N. Brondy is a project management expert with 10 years of international development experience in Africa and Asia. Currently serving as the International Projects Director with the Global Cold Chain Alliance, she oversees all new business opportunities and manages project implementation for the delivery of cold chain-related services and technical advice on a variety of international development projects.

The Global Cold Chain Alliance is a trade association dedicated to the proper handling and distribution of perishable products and improving cold chain best practices for the safe, efficient, and reliable movement of food worldwide.