All Our Kids, the Charity that is More Like a Family

Through The Noise
June 22, 2017

All Our Kids, the Charity that is More Like a Family

Through the Noise #281

David Simpson // Founder, Dad in Chief // All Our Kids
Koleco Elizaire // Artist Within // All Our Kids 

ttn david

Today we step back into the charity realm of our nonprofits but our guest “Dad in Chief,” David Simpson of All Our Kids says that their organization is not a charity as much as a family. With their regular 28 people Thursday night dinners, it does seem like more of a family than a charity and we’ll dive into what it means to approach an organization in that nontraditional way. They offer food, shelter, mentoring and help kids become the kids they need to be. They’ve been incorporated for a year and are excited to see this model expand in a franchise form as they’ve been contacted by lots of people wanting to do the same thing in their own community. Dad in Chief is also joined by Koleco, one of the “kids” who has gone through their programs and is now a working DJ about to embark on a solo world tour. This episode is definitely inspiring if you’ve ever had dreams of approaching life in nontraditional ways.

David Simpson is executive director and Dad-in-Chief at All Our Kids and is incredibly grateful to be surrounded by such amazing young men and women every day. All Our Kids (AOK) builds a community to unleash the potential of young people.