Jim Starr of America’s Charities on Raising More Money for Your Organization

Through The Noise
May 25, 2017

Jim Starr of America’s Charities on Raising More Money for Your Organization

Through the Noise # 273

James (Jim) Starr // President and CEO // America’s Charities

Today we’re excited to welcome back a guest from the early days of the show — Jim Starr of America’s Charities. When we had him on the show previously, he was serving as the COO & Chief Business Development Officer but he’s recently been put in charge of everything and now runs the show as the President and CEO. America’s Charities is kind of like a fundraising agent for nonprofits. They help nonprofits raise money through coordinated workplace giving campaigns. Since people are more likely to give more when they have the money taken directly from their paycheck than if they have to do it each time out of their wallet, America’s Charities helps facilitate that. People support nonprofits when they are asked to do so — it’s important to make sure that you DO ask and that you ask in a way that registers with the person. Check out this episode to find out if targeted workplace giving could help your organization — it certainly won’t hurt to find out how you could earn more for your cause, easily.

As an accomplished leader with more than 25 years of experience and a proven track record in the nonprofit and healthcare sectors, Jim has served in national and field executive leadership roles with multi-million dollar revenue and expense targets. He has led efforts to bring corporations and nonprofits together in meaningful and impactful ways. He also brings a wealth of experience in strategic planning, business development, and partnerships.

America’s Charities, a mission-driven organization, connects public and private sector employers with nonprofit organizations to engage employees in greater charitable giving. America’s Charities is one of the preeminent organizations working to connect nonprofits with donors from the private and public sector to increase their reach and grow the funds available to achieve their mission.