Nicole Araujo of BrightKey on Einstein, Great Ideas, and Making Your Membership Shine

Through The Noise
May 18, 2017

Nicole Araujo of BrightKey on Einstein, Great Ideas, and Making Your Membership Shine

Through the Noise #271

Nicole Araujo // Director of Business Development // BrightKey

Blake is back! Ernesto and Blake are together in the studio again and recently won a “Trending 40” award for businesses contributing to the Washington, DC area and that’s how they originally connected with today’s guest — Nicole Araujo, Director of Business Development for BrightKey. BrightKey is a company that makes other companies (and associations) look good by taking care of some of the more mundane aspects of running an organization. Need to spiff up your membership? Or send out a ton of materials? BrightKey can handle that for you. About 85% of their clients are associations so they’re well-versed in membership conversion and retention. Give this episode a listen and find out about the vast possibilities to make your organization run more smoothly.

Nicole Araujo is the Director of Business Development for associations at BrightKey, leading outsourced services and support company, providing a full range of association services, including call center and outbound telemarketing, warehousing and fulfillment, strategic marketing, mail processing, onsite mailrooms, and more.Nicole brings two decades of experience matching BrightKey’s skills and best practices to a wide variety of association needs. Her consultative, goals-driven approach begins with the strategy phase and continues through project launch and implementation. She finds the best approaches to address the specific needs of data integrity, membership, publications, certification, meetings, and marketing. She understands the different capabilities of all major (and many proprietaries) AMSs, all systems that are supported and utilized by BrightKey.