Cindy Squires of International Wood Products Association on Global Wood Networking

Through The Noise
April 17, 2017

Cindy Squires of International Wood Products Association on Global Wood Networking

Through the Noise #262

Cindy Squires // Executive Director // International Wood Products Association

What do boating, flooring, wine, guitars all have in common? Wood is the easy answer. But the industry behind wood is far more complex, and there’s a lot to learn for anyone looking to get into it.

For this episode of Through the Noise, Blake and Ernesto talk with Cindy Squires, Executive Director for the International Wood Products Association (IWPA). Whether you’re an emerging business or an emerging country, it is vital to understand the legal and ethical aspects of international wood sales and trade. Wendy talks us through how the IWPA serves to help manufacturers, retailers, importers and others navigate the world of sustainable forestry.

Cindy Squires has extensive experience with law, the marine industry, the Department of Agriculture, as well as trade associations and advisory. She is also on the Board of the American Hardwood Export Council. Tune in to this in-depth look at how the IWPA extends olive branches to help emerging businesses and nations access global networks, understand compliance and regulations, and learn both what to do and what not to do in the world of sustainable wood sales and trade.

Cindy L. Squires, a lawyer by training, joined the International Wood Products Association (IWPA) as Executive Director in March of 2013 and has worked previously for the marine industry, as an environmental lawyer, on Capitol Hill and in a Federal Agency. As the chief executive for the leading international trade association for the North American imported wood products industry, Cindy represents importers, manufacturers and service providers engaged in the import and use of hardwoods and softwoods from sustainable managed forests in over 30 nations across the globe.
At the International Wood Products Association, we believe that supporting the legal and sustainable harvesting and trade of international wood products is the future. By building understanding and demand in North America for globally sourced wood products, we are supporting sustainable managed forests and local economies throughout the world, while supporting jobs and industry in North America.”