Jeff De Cagna of Foresight First on the Role of Boards

Through The Noise
February 20, 2017

Jeff De Cagna of Foresight First on the Role of Boards

Through the Noise # 246

Jeff De Cagna // Executive Advisor // Foresight First LLC

Our guest today, Jeff De Cagna, will change the way you think about your approach to board recruitment, management, and collaboration. Charging that nonprofit organizations of all ages, sizes, and missions are missing a crucial opportunity for growth and relevance by under utilizing their boards, and that boards are similarly wasting their skills, time, and connections by focusing on the minutiae of organizational operations and micromanaging staff rather than looking ahead and being proactive about inevitable transitions organizations will face as technology continues to evolve. Host an annual meeting? Jeff De Cagna has some perspectives on the continuing value of holding “interruption-based experiences” like meetings that force most work to come to a standstill. If you’re holding an expensive annual meeting because “that’s what we’ve always done”, you won’t want to miss this episode.

Jeff De Cagna FRSA FASAE is a strategist, design thinker and foresight practitioner who collaborates with association and non-profit boards of directors and their staff partners. He is also a respected contrarian who challenges association/non-profit orthodoxy at every opportunity. Foresight First LLC works with association and non-profit boards to strengthen their performance through learning with the future.