Speech Pathologist Laura Purcell Verdun of Voice Trainer Helps Us Become More Eloquent

Through The Noise
September 5, 2016

Speech Pathologist Laura Purcell Verdun of Voice Trainer Helps Us Become More Eloquent

Through the Noise #207

Laura Purcell Verdun // Speech Pathologist // Voice Trainer

Laura Purcell

Laura Verdun is today’s guest and while she does not work with a nonprofit, those who are in the nonprofit world could benefit from her expertise as a speech pathologist. Regardless of our professional roles, almost all of us could stand to be a little more eloquent, to slow down our speech, and to breathe more. Ms. Verdun is a partner in a voice, speech and communication consulting business that addresses and treats a wide range of speech problems ranging from traumatic physical injury to the voice box or muscles to people trying to become better speakers before addressing Congress (since they are based in Washington, DC) or an important meeting or convention. Blake and Ernesto take the opportunity to apply some of her expertise to the world of podcasting and she emphasizes that even though listeners can’t see the hosts or guests, they can hear a smile, they can hear engagement and enthusiasm and it’s important to speak confidently but at a pace where people can understand you. Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your own speech with some great tips from a speech pathologist.

Laura Purcell Verdun is a licensed and certified speech pathologist who has worked for more than 20 years in the clinical care of voice, airway, motor speech and swallowing disorders. Additionally, she specializes in the refinement of voice and speaking skills for professionals whose skills are not meeting their daily demands, or who are seeking to bring their skills to the next level, so they can present themselves and their message with confidence and clarity.

Voicetrainer, LLC provides customized training and therapy programs for professionals and patients, whether delivering a career-making presentation, discovering your ideal voice, speaking with more precision, impact and confidence, or rehabilitating a life-long or acquired speech, voice, or breathing disorder.