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Getting Social
June 27, 2017

#22 Inbound Marketing – It’s All About the (Member) Journey

Getting Social #22

Usually, when people talk about social media goals, they talk about things like driving traffic to a website or getting more members. But are they prepared to be successful when their ideal audience arrives at their website? …

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Getting Social
June 20, 2017

#21 Social Media in 15 Years – Looking at Collaborative Creation on Social

Getting Social #21

Margaux L’Italien // Nine-Year-Old // Host of the Margaux Dare Show

Blake and KiKi interview nine-year-old Margaux Dare about the creation of her first YouTube channel, going through a rebrand, and collaborative creation.…

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Getting Social
May 30, 2017

#18 Social Media Content That Converts

Getting Social #18

Layla Masri // President // Bean Creative

What’s worse than spending hours on a social media campaign just to watch it fall flat and do nothing for your marketing campaign goals? STOP creating weak content and START …

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Getting Social
May 23, 2017

#17 Power Content for Social Media

Getting Social #17

Scott Oser // CEO // Scott Oser Associates

What are some of the elements of power content on social media? Just because you have a lot of content, doesn’t mean you’re set for social media. We explore!…

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Getting Social
May 2, 2017

#14 Visual Storytelling for Online Communities

Getting Social #14

Lauren Wolfe // Branding, Marketing & Communications Expert // Results Direct

KiKi and Blake learn about guest Lauren Wolfe’s favorite GIFs, the 6 keys to better visual storytelling, and so much more. If you hate clip art …

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Getting Social
April 25, 2017

#13 Empowering Your Industry Influencers in Advocacy

Getting Social #13

Rachna Choudhry // Co-founder and CMO // PopVox

We talk about how people can use social media to create influence in politics and advocacy. We urge you to listen to this episode, passionately, and share with your …

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