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Meet KiKi L'Italien

Getting Social Host


KiKi wants to live in a world with more curiosity and less kale. Her current goals include wearing more red lipstick, learning more in the next 2 years than in the previous 20, and making a measurable difference in her clients’ and listeners’ lives.

In her day job, KiKi is CEO and founder of Amplified Growth, a digital marketing consultancy specializing in SEO, SEM, social media, and content strategy for associations and for-profit clients.

She travels around the country for speaking and training engagements with organizations like American Society of Association Executives, QVC, and National Beer Wholesalers Association among many, many others.

You can also find KiKi online serving as faculty and corporate trainer for Mediabistro’s online courses in social media and you can read her work as a contributing author in the book, Social Networking for Nonprofits: Increasing Engagement in a Mobile and Web 2.0 World (ASAE, 2010).

Fun Facts About KiKi

Favorite Accessory:
Curiosity. 2nd favorite? Red lipstick.
Best Childhood Memory:
I don't know exactly when this was, but there was a day when I walked with my mother past some kind of tobacco shop in the mall (my parents weren't smokers, the pipe tobacco smelled like a magic elixer, and this kind of shop was allowed and normal for malls in the 1980s) and the smells were exhilirating, and then we walked to the Baskin-Robbins and bought little sugar cones of chocolate ice cream with chunks of peanut butter in them and this was the most delicious happy deluge to my senses. It was a happy, pure time in my life before I was too aware of self to suck the moment dry with anxiety and fear. Just delicious ice cream and the smell of cherry pipe tobacco and my mother's warm hand holding my own.
Favorite Music:
My karaoke playlist always starts with Blondie and ends with George Michael.
What Most People Don't Know About Me:
I was on the American TV news show, 60 Minutes, during a national competition for slam poetry in Chicago in 2000.


I wanted to be a mermaid or a doctor when I was five-years-old. In retrospect, all of those desires could have been realized by my owning a yacht.