Blake Althen


Meet Blake Althen

Through the Noise Host


Curious by nature, and a do-gooder at heart, it’s no wonder veteran audio/music creative guru (credits include Pawn Stars, Vikings, Visa, Discovery, MTV, and on and on) Blake was the co-founder of Through the Noise.

Not afraid to ask what’s on his mind, Blake has had to gently extract his foot from his mouth on more than one occasion. But the ability to ask that “dumb question” which everybody was thinking anyway is half of the reason Though the Noise has gained thousands of downloads in the non-profit/association sector so quickly.

Fun Facts About Blake

Favorite Accessory
Loud shoes.
Can't Resist
Jumping in the water.
The Most Unusual Thing In Your Office
8-string Novax guitar


"Always borrow money from a pessimist. He won't expect it back." --Oscar Wilde